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About EnduraVault

EnduraVault is fully self-contained Family Emergency Preparedness tool designed to help you prepare, weather and recover from a minor personal emergency or a major disaster. EnduraVault consists of a virtual PC and a database for storing important family , pet and asset information as well as tools for developing a Family Emergency Plan and gathering and managing an inventory of emergency supplies. EnduraVault also provides links to NGOs and government agencies with suggestions on how to create your Plan and stock your emergency supplies inventory.

EnduraVault vPC

A virtual PC, also know as a virtual machine is a completely digital or software implementation of a computer, capable of deploying any of number of operating systems. The EnduraVault vPC resides on a USB flash drive and when plugged into a host computer such as a desktop or laptop PC or Mac and utilizes the display, keyboard, mouse or track pad of host for its human interface. The virtual PC also can access printers and other storage devices attached to the host PC as well as its internet and wireless (wi-fi) connections.

The EnduraVault vPC is available in 256GB, 512GB and 1TB models which should be more than enough storage capacity for most users' important information and data. Also, a premium version of the EnduraVault PC is available for those seeking a hardened and water resistant USB flash drive.


Meet "Tux", the mascot
of the Linux Community.

The EnduraVault vPC is deployed using MX Linux, a lightweight Linux implemenation which is built on Dubian, the most popular of Linux distribution (referred to as a "distro").

We don't want to complicate the process by introducing a lot of new Linux terms. We have provided a glossary for that. We have made every effort to make your transition to the EnduraVault vPC as seamlessly as possible by deliverying your documents, photos, videos and other important files and folders to your EnduraVault vPC with little intervention on your part. Rest assured, once installed, you will see a desktop with navigation similar to what you have used for years.

Yes, provided you have your original installion media and a valid Product Key for your copy of MS Office. Alternatively, you can use LibeOffice which is provided with the EnduraVault vPC which can open, display and edit Excel, PowerPoint and Word apps as if you were on your original PC or Mac.

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